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How To: Setup a Home Studio

"Let's take some pictures," she said.
"Where?" I asked. "Here." She said.
So we moved the two ottomans, the coffee table, the side table, the recliner, and the entire couch to make room in our 700 sq. foot apartment. And, took pictures off the wall. Then, built a home photo studio - using everything from a bar stool to a six pack of TP and a punctuation book.
The studio: two Profoto B2 heads on light stands, a Glow EZ Lock 28"x39" Softbox as key, an umbrella, and a reflector (held in place by a wooden spoon). 

Building a home studio is simply about two things:
1. Use the gear you have in the space you have.
If you have a large bay window with late afternoon sunlight diffused through the tree in the yard. You have the photographer's dream. But, if you live in a basement apartment with virtually no natural light, look around. Do you have an exposed brick wall and a speed light? Amazing! Use it. Do you have garish yellow light exposed bulbs? Use i…

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